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Some programs I've compiled for the Zaurus.

Nethack in a Zaurus terminal
Nethack, the somewhat famous single player dungeon exploration game (i.e. 'rogue-like'). I got the Zaurus primarily so I could play this game. I wasn't able to cross-compile this one for some reason. added 2005-05-04 (download)
Mille Bornes on the Zaurus
Mille Bornes, the BSD version of the racing card game. The objective is to get points by being the first player to win a race of up to 1000 kilometers (the 'mille' in 'Mille Bornes'). This is just an executable, not a full ipkg. (download)

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How to manually create an ipkg

tar -czf package-version.ipk ./control.tar.gz ./data.tar.gz ./debian-binary

It's really that simple. I was leaving the leading './' off and ipkg was dying with a 'ipkg_install_file: ERROR unpacking control.tar.gz' message. Turns out the ipkg shell script looks for ./control.tar.gz exactly.

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